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A house that is aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time; an office that is simple and comfortable and provides the right ambience to enhance the performance of the employees.


Our choice of interiors may be different depending upon our needs and lifestyle, but what we share is the need for the right interior design that only comes with the right products.


M&M Interiors Studio is a definitive resource for all the interior design needs of plywood and veneers.


The core of M&M Interiors Studio’s offering is the widest range of natural and exclusive veneers, with more than 500 types of both domestic and imported veneers to choose from.


Our recently opened Interiors Studio in Bangalore lets you experience and visualize the selected product in the right mix of space and lights.


M&M hand-picks and assembles some of the best veneers of the world, including the highly valuable and rare range of Signature and Exotic Veneers.


The quality and aesthetics of our SpaceOne Signature collection of veneers is unmatched.


M&M has also plans to launch a new range of 12 feet x 4 feet veneer, the first of its kind in India


M&M’s highly qualified and well-informed team helps customers in making the right choice of veneer and other products to create the desired look.


The team is also well-equipped to cater to and serve customers across India within 72 hours of inquiry.


Providing personalized experience and establishing long-term relationships with architects, interior designers and clients is the key focus of the team at M&M Interiors Studio.

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